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Using a POP3 client e-mail reader to send mail Windows Server 2012

  • To Read your emails you can use the Mozilla Thunderbird client.
  • Download Mozilla Thunderbird at
  • Follow the wizard to let the installer to run, Next, continue and install.
  • To add a new account, go to tools, then account settings
  • Use the “” and set “Outgoing server” to “”
  • Under Server settings use “” as Server name. Username is your full email address you created.”

Installing IMAP and POP3 servers with Windows Server 2012

  • Begin by pressing windows home button as always
  • Under server manager, select add roles and features
  • Click next until you are at the features tab.
  • Select .NET framework 3.5 features.
  • To create an email server goto and follow the wizard to install and choose your local host
  • When prompted, select “mySQL” as your mail database
  • Copy libmysql.dll to /hMailServer/bin directory
  • Open up your hosts file in notepad. It can be found at Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ folder
  • Add the following lines
  • Add your local domain, right click, Put “” in the domain field.
  • After adding your users, go to “Settings” then “Protocols” and SMTP and in the “Delivery of e-mail” tab in the enter ”” in the Local Host Name area.
  • Go to settings then “Advanced” ”TCP/IP Ports” and configure each of the sub-entries to use as your IP address.
  • IMAP and POP3 server are now installed for use.

Installing TFTP and SMTP Servers in Windows Server 2012

  • Press windows home button
  • Click the Server Manager button
  • Choose Manage and then Add Roles and Features, which opens the Add Roles and Features Wizard
  • Click Next
  • Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” then click Next
  • Select “Select a server from the server pool”, then select your server from the list then click next
  • On the Server Roles page click Next
  • select SMTP Server and TFTP Client then click Next
  • On the Confirmation page look in the right box to make sure what you selected is there, then click Install at the bottom of the page
  • When installed you may be prompt to reboot the PC which you should do so.

Windows Server 2012 does not include a TFTP server. For this we will use WinAgents TFTP server. The following steps for installing WinAgents TFTP server are:

  • Download WinAgents TFTP Server at
  • When prompted at the bottom of Internet Explorer click Run, then click Yes when the User Account Control window pops up
  • When the WinAgents installer pops up, click Next
  • Select “I accept the license agreement” at the bottom then click Next
  • Select Complete then click Next
  • On the Windows Firewall click Next
  • On the Ready To Install Application click Next
  • WinAgents will now install and when prompted click Finish to close the installation
  • To run the application, press the windows home button
  • In the search box, type TFTP and then click TFTP Server Manager that will pop up, click Yes in the User Account Control window
  • When the application launches, look over the default settings on the Connect to TFTP Server screen then click OK at the bottom
  • Click Yes at the next prompt to start the TFTP service

Installing an FTP server in Windows Server 2012

  • Press windows home button
  • Open the server manager, and click “add roles”
  • Select Remote, or Role based installation
  • Select your server from the server pool
  • Expand the IIS tab and check the FTP box
  • On the Features Role tab, click Next
  • Click Install

Sharing a Printer in Windows Server 2012

  • Press windows home button
  • Go to control panel
  • Open Devices and Printers
  • Click sharing tab
  • Right click the printer you would like to share
  • Check the box that says “share this printer”
  • To set printer permissions, select users under the Security tab.

Creating Shared Storage Space in Windows Server 2012

  • Press windows home button
  • Click the Server Manager button on the bottom left of the Windows taskbar
  • File and Storage Services
  • Select Shares
  • Select Tasks then New Share
  • In the Wizard pop up select SMB Share – then click Next
  • The default server should be selected already
  • Choose which hard drive you wish the place storage
  • On the share name screen you will see an option up top to name the share, put New Share
  • Put in a description for your new share storage space
  • Take note of the local path and remote path then click Next
  • On the settings screen check the bottom box only for the best security then click Next
  • On the permissions screen leave the default permissions then click Next
  • On the confirmation screen review the previous steps then click Create
  • Click Close at the bottom
  • Goto Shares section of File and Storage Services in the Server Manager and you should now see the created share storage and name.
  • Click the blue link in the box which will install necessary components
  • Clicking the link will open the quota configuration screen, scroll down and select 250 MB Extended Limit, the highest basic quota you can have, then click OK
  • You should now see the quota box with the information such as Used Space and Free Space for your share

Installing Blogging Software in Windows Server 2012

  • Press windows key
  • Open Internet Explorer which will display an Internet Explorer icon on the left of the screen
  • Goto for a fast and easy way to install wordpress and its necessary software requirements.
  • Install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI)
  • Web PI is a tool from Microsoft that downloads and installs the latest components you need to develop or host Web applications on Windows. Everything in the tool is free. Web PI will install and configure IIS, PHP, MySQL and anything else you may need.
  • After installation of Web PI, install WordPress under the products tab of your installed Web PI program.
  • You can then open the downloaded WordPress and create a new user.