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Creating Shared Storage Space in Windows Server 2012

December 11, 2012
  • Press windows home button
  • Click the Server Manager button on the bottom left of the Windows taskbar
  • File and Storage Services
  • Select Shares
  • Select Tasks then New Share
  • In the Wizard pop up select SMB Share – then click Next
  • The default server should be selected already
  • Choose which hard drive you wish the place storage
  • On the share name screen you will see an option up top to name the share, put New Share
  • Put in a description for your new share storage space
  • Take note of the local path and remote path then click Next
  • On the settings screen check the bottom box only for the best security then click Next
  • On the permissions screen leave the default permissions then click Next
  • On the confirmation screen review the previous steps then click Create
  • Click Close at the bottom
  • Goto Shares section of File and Storage Services in the Server Manager and you should now see the created share storage and name.
  • Click the blue link in the box which will install necessary components
  • Clicking the link will open the quota configuration screen, scroll down and select 250 MB Extended Limit, the highest basic quota you can have, then click OK
  • You should now see the quota box with the information such as Used Space and Free Space for your share

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