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Creating Administrative and Non-Admin Users With Windows Server 2012

  • Press the windows Key
  • Click on Server Manager on the bottom left of the Windows taskbar
  • On Server Manager, click tools and then Computer Management
  • In Computer Management, click Local Users and Groups
  • Double click Users folder
  • Right click and select New User
  • In the new user screen fill out the necessary information and choose a password more than 7 characters and more than 3 character types. You must remember this password.
  • To make the user an administrator, right click the user name then select Properties
  • In the Properties menu, click “Member Of”
  • In the Member Of tab click Add towards the bottom of the box, this will open the Select Groups window
  • At the text box at the bottom of the Select Groups window, type Administrators then click OK towards the bottom right, this will make the user an administrator
  • Non administrative users are created by default or with any other non-admin created group
  • After this process is over you will need to reboot the PC

Installing a Web Server and Creating a Web Page in Windows Server 2012

  • At the windows home screen, Click the Server Manager button on the bottom left of the Windows taskbar
  • Goto Manage, then Add Roles and Features
  • Click Next in the Wizard popup
  • Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” then click Next
  • Select “Select a server from the server pool”, then select your server from the list, then click next
  • In Server Roles, click the arrow next to Web Server (IIS) and then select the checkbox for Web Server, then click Next
  • On the Select Features page, go ahead and click Next as there will be nothing here you will need at the moment
  • On the Confirmation page click Install
  • After installing, reboot the PC

Creating a web page which identifies your server.

  • At the windows home page, click the Computer icon on the left of the screen, then double click the Local Disc icon
  • Double click the inetpub folder, then click the wwwroot folder
  • Right click the iisstart webpage, click Open With then select Note Pad
  • Type out what looks like below, then save the file




“Your Web Server”




  • Goto the windows home screen then Search Apps for “cmd” and open the found cmd App
  • In Command Prompt you type ipconfig and press enter.
  • In the top section under Ethernet adapter Ethernet you will find your IP Address to the right of IPv4
  • The newly created web page can be navigated to by copying the IPv4 address into an Internet explorer address bar.

Start Installation for Windows Server 2012 from CD/DVD drive

  • Insert disc
  • Start computer from boot then go into the Bios (delete for dell)
  • For boot sequence, change boot priority to CD-ROM
  • When prompted choose Server with a GUI
  • Follow the continue by clicking “next” to complete the installation start
  • You will then change the computer name once you have reached the Local server page
  • Turn on Last installed updates
  • Turn off IE Enhanced Security Config if desired
  • Under Internet time settings, select
  • You should then reboot the PC to complete the initialization